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A Team that Cares

MIP employees are encouraged to become active participants in their communities both locally and globally.

In Bolivia and Senegal, two young pre-schoolers, Rosalia and Abdou are enjoying a better quality of life thanks to contributions made by MIP on behalf of its offshore customers.

Abdou lives in Keur Madiabel, Senegal with his mom and dad. He is an active little boy who is too young to attend school. Abdou suffered from malaria during the past six months, but has now fully recovered. He is currently participating in a growth-monitoring program, which will help ensure his healthy development.

Rosalia lives in Marcani, Bolivia with her mom, dad and her one-year old brother. She is a friendly little girl who is presently attending nursery school (daycare). Her days begin early as she starts her 30-minute walk to school each morning. Rosalia has been in good health during the last six months, making her one of the fortunate ones.

Every day, any number of our approximately 250 employees worldwide is/are putting our Community Beliefs into action.

We collectively donate a significant amount of time, skill, experience and money to various charitable organizations at home and around the world.

Over the years, MIP has distinguished itself as a good corporate citizen through:

Employee Donations:

- To the International Red Cross for the victims of the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina

- To Sun Youth and Accueuil Bonneau in Montreal with our collection of clothing, footwear and food donations

- To the children cared for at the Montreal Children's Hospital and Ste. Justine's Hospital with our "jean day collections"

Corporate Donations are given internationally, regionally and locally to over 50 clubs, associations and foundations working to promote best practices in health care, research and education, and assisting in local community efforts.

For instance, 200 mattresses were donated to support roadside first aid centres set up for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, in collaboration with Anatomic Concepts, one of our mattress suppliers.

Individual Recognition. Many of our employees are also quietly committing personal time to the community.