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Attitude Comes First

MIP is always seeking bright, motivated people to join our team. Apart from the skills needed for the job in question, MIP places a lot of emphasis on attitude.

"MIP looks for team players who are passionate about what they do," says Human Resources Director, Gail Perowne. "And we will always wait until we find the right person."

To support this, most of the training required takes place after joining MIP. The company has developed a complete training program, which has achieved impressive results. For example, MIP now has a Sales staff that is recognized to be among the best in the industry due, in part, to our training program.

New hires are encouraged to participate in an integration program that brings them face to face with fellow employees in each area of the company.

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It's easy to find out more about working at MIP -- Send us your CV. We'll get right back to you.