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The demand for reusable healthcare textiles increases significantly each year. Aiming to be the best at everything we do, MIP offers intelligent, cutting-edge solutions that include several patented products and processes.

Get a feel for what makes us different by reading CEO David Arditi's viewpoint.

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Boardman on Linen
Find out about the cotton crisis, the case for knits, infection control and disposables from our very own Gabriel Boardman in this month's (Nov/Dec) issue of Fabricare Canada:
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MIP - a Practice Greenhealth Member
As of January 2011, MIP is a proud member of Practice Greenhealth!
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MIP is on Facebook!
MIP has launched its own Facebook page!
Our page: MIP Inc.
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Swift UltraSlide System Usage Guidelines
Video Presentation on using our Swift Sliders & UltraSlide Bottom Sheets - All part of the Swift UltraSlide System! Patient Repositioning Made Easy!
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Protecting Your Reusable Underpad Business
Both Janice (Encompass Group) and Gabriel (MIP Inc.) look closely at reusable underpads and the threat from disposables.
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New Gown Means Patients Won't Have To Turn Other Cheek
Montreal-based MIP Inc., a leading global manufacturer of health-care textiles, has built the medical equivalent of a better mousetrap - a hospital gown that covers patients' butts.
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1, 2, 3...Slide!
It comes as no surprise that, over the past few years, many healthcare facilities have implemented no-lift policies.
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Incontinence Pads and Google
Two seemingly disconnected offerings in age old industries...
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An Overview of Todays Underpads
Americans over 65 make up over 12.4 percent of the population. With many living longer and requiring long-term care, the use of incontinent products is skyrocketing.
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Laundries Cant Live on Price Alone
Determining a products true value requires a focus on quality and processing costs too.
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Ultra-Knit Fitted Sheet
MIP has introduced a revolutionary product: A bottom sheet that, on a cost per use basis, is less expensive than anything similar on the market.
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